2019 BMW X7 Pre-Order

2019 BMW X7

The automotive industry is abuzz with anticipation of the 2019 BMW X7, the quintessential luxury SUV about to make its debut. X7 features groundbreaking design and a commanding presence in an amazingly innovative vehicle while providing an extraordinary amount of comfort and space.

2019 BMW X7


You’ll make a grand entrance in the 2019 BMW X7, a charismatic vehicle from any angle. It’s extreme agility and finesse belies its generous proportions. You’ll be immediately drawn to the flowing, forward-moving design lines and the narrow styling of the rear. The iconic kidney grilles with their upright stance communicate true superiority and grandeur, as do the prominent air inlets and the elegant contours. In a word, the 2019 BMW X7 looks great.


You’ll feel you're entering a palatial estate when you open the door to the X7 and surrender to the embrace of spatial luxury. Glass abounds, with generous windows and the panoramic glass roof that extends from the windshield to the rear. The result is a feeling of airiness that gives the phrase “out on the road” new meaning. The finely detailed and exclusive seats are a mix of fine Smoke White and Dark Olive Bronze leathers. The cabin’s handcrafted perfection is exemplified by the blend of light and dark elements creating tranquility and balance. The cabin gleams with polished aluminum elements, dynamic ambient and contour lighting, and even strands of laser light in the roof. Dark-stained, open pore ash wood with a matte finish perfectly harmonizes with the interior’s bright elements.

2018 BMW X7

Spacious Seating for up to Seven

As the largest Sports Activity Vehicle offered by BMW, the X7 achieves new levels of roominess and comfort. The raised seating provides the driver with unprecedented visibility, and the “reduced to essentials” theme is abetted by the 12.3-inch instrument cluster that puts control at the driver’s fingertips. The second-row Captain’s Chairs allow easy access to the third row, so that you never feel squeezed when riding in the X7.


X7 encourages functional and playful interaction with features like rear-seat touchscreens that give second-row passengers access to a world of infotainment. A new, cutting-edge interface allows first- and second-row passengers to share with each other and with the world at large.

Contact Global BMW to pre-order your 2019 X7. We know this will be a top seller, so don’t delay – place your order today!

Image showing is a concept model of the BMW X7 iPerformance

More Details

October 16th 6:01pm will mark the official Start of Communication for BMW's highly anticipated flagship SAV:the first-ever BMW X7. That is the day the first-ever BMW X7 will be on bmwusa.com with product details and pricing. Ordering Guides will also be released on On-line Ordering will be turned on for BMW Dealers to place orders.

There is tremendous amount of customer interests and excitement around the new BMW X7. Given the enthusiasm, BMW of North America, LLC ("BMW NA") launching a new way to provide our customers with the opportunity to place an early order: The BMW X7 Pre-Order Program. On October 16th, prospective customers will be able to place an order for their BMW X7 online through any participating BMW Dealer by depositing $1,000 through bmwusa.com.

Image showing is a concept model of the BMW X7 iPerformance

2018 BMW X7
BMW X7 Pre-Order Program FAQs:

How will the Pre-Order Process work?
The program is designed to work in 5 simple steps:
1. Customers will fill out a Pre-Order form with his/her information and submit a $1,000 deposit via one of the payment.
2. After submitting the pre-order form, the customer will receive a Confirmation ID. 
3. Upon accepting the deposit, the Global Imports BMW is required to contact the customer to build and price the vehicle.
4. Once Global Imports BMW and customer reach an agreement on the details of the sale, Global Imports BMW can build an order into
the BMW Order Bank using the customer last name and Confirmation ID.
5. After verification of the validity of the pre-order, BMW North America will provide a production slot to the Dealer to build the
customer's vehicle.
Can a customer cancel a Pre-order?
Customers must cancel the pre-order directly with Global Imports BMW.  Upon cancellation, Global Imports BMW must refund the $1,000 deposit.

How long will the Pre-order Program be available?
The Pre-order Program is a first come, first serve opportunity. It will begin October 16th and is not expected to last more than a few weeks depending on the production BMW North America chooses to allocate for this purpose.

Will the pre-order units be delivered before other BMW X7 units?
No, the "on-sale date" for the BMW X7 will be announced in Q4. Pre-order units will be on sale on that same day along with all the other X7 units. Please note that Pre-orders will be given earlier production slots relative to regular allocation vehicles; however, production dates may shift any time due to supply and availability.

Who can order a vehicle through the Pre-Order Program?
The Pre-order Program is available only to individuals residing in the United States who are 18 years of age or older. Two pre-orders per household; one pre-order per credit card. It is also available to businesses or corporate entities, provided that the customers can validate their ownership of, or
employment by, the relevant business or corporate entity upon BMW North America's request.

Employees of BMW North America, its affiliates, agencies, and Dealers, and each of their respective family members, are not eligible to participate in the Pre-order Program. None of the above are eligible to place Pre-orders on behalf of themselves, the dealership, dealership employees, or customers. BMW North America reserves the right to cancel or change the Pre-order Program or cancel a specific Pre-order at BMW North America's
sole discretion at any time, for any reason.

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