Prepare Yourself for Winter Travel With Salt, Sand and Kitty Litter

The winter temperatures are right around the bend, and with that comes ice and the occasional threat of treacherous driving conditions. When there is even a little bit of snow and ice on the roads, it could mean a very bad time for driving for Atlanta commuters. We simply aren’t set up for unexpected winter precipitation. This leads to a very interesting question: Which is better for traction in winter? Is it salt, sand or kitty litter?

Rock salt, which is used for de-icing roads, works well to melt the ice or snow. However, it can be corrosive and if a lot of it sticks to your vehicle, you could encounter an issue with rust. Salt only melts the ice and does not help with tire traction. As a matter of fact, salt is useless if the temperature dips down to 9 degrees celsius or lower.

When it comes to better traction during the winter, the best thing to use in your driveway is sand and kitty litter. The best time to use it is when you are stuck. Just throw down some sand or kitty litter and then just give a little gas. If you and your vehicle happen to face a situation where help is desperately needed during winter conditions, just call Global Imports BMW and our auto service team can assist you with your efforts to get unstuck.

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