Pick Your Flavor: Which 2018 BMW M4 Variant Breaths Your Kind of Fire?

Four years since it launched, the 2018 BMW M4 has filled out the shoes left by the M3 two-door it succeeded. Now, it’s one of the most desirable M models out there, and has generated a few limited editions and spinoffs ranging from the water-cooled GTS to this year’s new CS. But which one is the right pick?

The M4 was designed to breath fire on road or track, and does a fine job with its turbocharged inline-six and 425 horsepower, 406 lb-ft of torque output. Yet for some, honed reflexes and a bit more horsepower is on the menu, and for that, there’s the Competition package. With this addition, you get 444 hp and sharpened responses from steering, suspension, and throttle. Above that is a new special edition, the M4 CS, which drives power up even further to 454 hp. You can also choose between two-door coupe and hardtop convertible for body styles.

The M4 is louder, prouder, and more fun to drive than ever before. If that serendipitously coincides with your plans for a new BMW, don’t miss your chance to try it on for size. Contact us at our Atlanta, GA location to schedule an appointment.

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