First Drive: It’s Easier to Flirt With Limits in the 2018 BMW M5

As you might have heard, the sixth generation of the M5 will be arriving next year. But while you’ll definitely notice the changes from the fifth generation car, the ones you’ll notice the most will be found behind the wheel. That’s because the 2018 BMW M5 doesn’t just have 600 horsepower, but is the first of its ilk with all-wheel drive.

Granted, we saw that coming, and many enthusiasts were upset. But when we learned that you could step down or toggle off the AWD system, we were sated. Beyond that, power is up to 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque—good for a 0-60 sprint of 3.2 seconds. But what about the previous M5’s wild road manners? Excised, for the most part. Reviewers from both Car and Driver and Motor Trend noted the 2018 M5 is easier to push to the limit without feeling like things are about to go sideways, while selectable drive modes add far more finesse to the already-engaging sedan.

Barely tamed and eager to play, the M5 will be difficult to ignore when it arrives at our Atlanta, GA showroom next year. To explore other M models we offer, take a gander at our new BMW inventory online, or contact our dealership by phone or live chat with any questions.

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