Elegance Meets Performance in the BMW 4 Series

The 4 Series is an excellent vehicle, ranked in the top 10 of luxury small cars. There are a number of different trims and styles to choose from, and most of the trims come with fine-tuned twin turbo engines that have a lot of horsepower output. However, they were also made to be more fuel efficient while still providing lots of pick up and go. Drivers have also stated that the 4 Series is a stylish vehicle far ahead of its competitors in terms of infotainment tech, comfort, reliability, and space.

The BMW 4 Series is larger than the 3 Series yet still just as sporty. You can get up to 34 mpg with this vehicle. The revised suspension, new safety features, and warning guides on the LED touch screen center console are also amazing for drivers to use nowadays. No wonder it was so highly rated!

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