How to Jump-start Another Car

It’s a good idea to carry a set of jumper cables in the trunk of your vehicle for those moments when you or another needs assistance. They require some care to use them safely, but they’re otherwise very straightforward. One of the main concerns is recognizing which cables represent the positive and negative charge. Another precaution is taking care not to let them touch any other metal surface once you’ve started connecting them to the batteries.

The positive cable is either red or has a stripe. The negative cable is black. Begin by connecting the cables to the dead battery. The red/positive cable should be connected first, followed by the black/negative cable. Repeat the same steps on the good battery. Once the cables are attached to each battery, allow them to charge for a minute or two. Rev the engine with the good battery, and then try to start the dead one.

If the car doesn’t start after several attempts, it’s best to stop and arrange to take it in for service. There could be a problem with the electrical system. If you have questions about your car battery, or any other aspect of maintenance, don’t hesitate to stop by. We’re here at Global Imports BMW in Atlanta to assist you.

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