Does Your Ignition Need Work?

Are you seeing smoke when you try to start your car? Maybe your engine just won't turn over. These are indications there could be something wrong with your starter. Here are four signs that your ignition might need some attention.

  1. Grinding - A cringe-inducing grinding noise often results from a worn out starter.
  2. Smoke - A number of different problems with the starter, including an electrical short, can cause smoking.
  3. Whining - If you try to start the car and hear a whine, it could mean the starter drive is not causing the flywheel to move.
  4. Nothing happens when you turn the key - This frequently indicates a problem with the solenoid. Your starter motor is probably not receiving electricity from the battery.

If you've experienced any of these problems, it might be time to have your car evaluated by a professional. Give us a call here at the service department of Global Imports BMW of Atlanta to set up an appointment.

Categories: Parts
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