Discerning automotive owners who prefer well-made luxury vehicles choose BMW cars and SAVs. The new BMW 3 Series sedans have undergone a few upgrades that make them even more appealing, comfortable, and elegant. Meet the new vehicles by visiting our Atlanta BMW sales location. Make arrangements to take a test drive.

The beautifully-designed exterior boasts an aerodynamic profile that accompanies smooth lines and sculpted curves. The body is also wider, lower, and sleeker in appearance. Venture to the front end to take in the aggressive kidney-shaped grille, engine vents, and molded body design.

The style of the body combines with the suspension to enhance power and maneuverability. Prospective owners may choose a new sedan in one of 10 different stylish body colors. Decide whether you prefer fuel economy or power when selecting a standard or a sports model with an engine that delivers either 255 or 382 horsepower.


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