When it comes to finding your next new vehicle, what features do you look for? Do you search for a particular style or color? Each member of our team is here to help you find that perfect vehicle, and we're excited to introduce the popular small luxury sedan known as the BMW 3 Series.

The new BMW 3 Series builds on the legacy of performance that made the original 3 Series popular. The engines that power the 3 Series have been redesigned to give you more power and performance. The core models make use of a 255 horsepower engine, while the BMW M models give you an impressive 382 horsepower.

To help you manage the performance of the 3 Series, you can choose from driver-assist features such as the Head-Up Display. Driver information, such as speed and navigation, are displayed right onto the windshield so you can get up to date information while still staying focused on the road.



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