When it comes to vehicle fluids, few are as important for the proper operation of your vehicle as motor oil. When it comes to types of motor oil, there are two main categories: conventional and synthetic. While conventional oil is pretty straightforward and easy to understand, you may not completely understand just what synthetic oil is. Here is a basic guide from Global Imports BMW to ensure you're an informed vehicle owner.

As its name suggests, synthetic oil only mirrors oil in its ability to protect your vehicle's engine in Atlanta. Instead of being pumped from the ground, though, synthetic oil is made in a lab from various chemical compounds. When combined, these compounds offer the same abilities as conventional oil. In some cases, vehicle manufacturers will specifically call for synthetic oil to be used in a vehicle. In other cases, conventional oil is preferred.

If you're unsure about the best type of oil to use in your vehicle, our service team stands ready to assist you.


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