BMW Service and Maintenance is only one reason why buying a BMW is a good idea. When you buy a new vehicle, taking care of it is important if you want it to last a long time. We at Global Imports BMW offer several BMW service and maintenance plans designed to keep your BMW operating like the “Ultimate Driving Machine. Pay us a visit and get the information on each of the service and maintenance plans BMW has to offer.

As a BMW owner, you can choose from the following plans.
  • BMW Ultimate Care Plus – This top-of-the-line plan is for new vehicles and offers the maximum coverage.
  • BMW Ultimate Car – This plan is a little cheaper and is typically purchased by BMW owners if their BMW is no longer eligible for the Ultimate Care Plus Plan.
  • BMW Value Service - This basic plan offers the least service and maintenance but still offers great protection.
Call us to schedule an appointment to have your BMW serviced. We also offer a variety of other automotive parts and services.


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