Help isn’t always available when you have a roadside emergency in Atlanta. Sometimes, you must rely on yourself until a tow truck or the police arrive on the scene. Being prepared for a roadside emergency increases the odds of successfully navigating a tough situation.

Staying in control of the vehicle and safely bringing it to a stop becomes a priority. Directing the car to a safe place out of traffic is usually a smart strategy. Some scenarios dictate that you should remain safely inside the car. Keep the windows closed and the doors locked. Call for help as soon as possible. Hopefully, you can still charge the cell phone and have water and snacks.

Keeping a blanket or raincoat in the trunk is wise. So is placing an emergency kit in there with necessary auto tools. Access to one such tool, a roadside flare, would be beneficial at night.

Routine maintenance can keep a car in good shape. The service department at Global Imports BMW handles such auto work.


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