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What to Do After an Accident

You will likely be in some amount of distress when you're involved in a car accident, but it's still important to know what to do to ensure you protect others and handle the situation correctly. Start by asking other people involved if they're injured or need medical attention. You may need to call 911.

It's also important to exchange some of your information with the other drivers involved, which includes your driver's license and insurance card. Write all of their information down to give to your insurance company.

Use your smartphone to take photos of…

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What Do You Do During a Roadside Emergency?

Help isn’t always available when you have a roadside emergency in Atlanta. Sometimes, you must rely on yourself until a tow truck or the police arrive on the scene. Being prepared for a roadside emergency increases the odds of successfully navigating a tough situation.

Staying in control of the vehicle and safely bringing it to a stop becomes a priority. Directing the car to a safe place out of traffic is usually a smart strategy. Some scenarios dictate that you should remain safely inside the car. Keep the windows closed and the doors locked. Call for help as soon…

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