Meet your BMW in the city it was born.

An alternative to driving home from the dealership, is the European Delivery option.  Meet your new BMW in Munich Germany at BMW Welt.  Immerse yourself in BMW culture.  Attend VIP tours of BMW facilities, accelerate onto the world famous Autobahn, choose from five driving experience options and indulge at world-class hotels.  At the end, we will handle the shipping logistics of your BMW back to your home.

European Delivery price provides:

  • Courtesy shuttle service from Munich Airport to BMW Welt, or to your downtown Munich Hotel.
  • Insurance - 14 days of complimentary European road insurance and vehicle registration.
  • VIP Experience - receive factory and museum tours.
  • European inland transportation from the drop-off point to the nearest port to your hometown.
  • Marine transportation insurance for your BMW.
  • Customs duty and clearance.
  • U.S. port processing and accessory installation.
  • Wharf and handling fees.

The BMW experience of European Delivery begins here at Global Imports BMW.

1. Order you BMW from Global Imports and save
Visit Global Imports BMW to learn more about models, options and accessories.   Then reserve your BMW.  You may even save off the MSRP.

2. Plan you trip

Fly with Lufthansa, or any of their Trans-Atlantic Joint Venture Partners, from the United States to Munich, Germany.  While on-board, relax and enjoy their award-winning in-flight service.  This all-encompassing program offers discounts of up to 15 percent in all cabins, including: Economy, Business and First Class.

3. Pick up your new BMW

The BMW experience will begin at the illustrious BMW Welt automobile delivery and exhibition center.  It provides drivers and fans of The Ultimate Driving Machine ® the opportunity to understand BMW technologies, design philosophy and the history of the BMW brand name.   If you are traveling with young children, a Junior Campus offers experiences that will inspire their imagination, while gaining technical knowledge of cars too. 

European Delivery includes a factory tour, BMW Museum tour, complimentary refreshments at the Delivery Center and more.  Your BMW will be available on the delivery date as specified on your order form. 

4. Drive your BMW through Europe

Your first weeks with you BMW will be unforgettable.  Experience firsthand, what it is like to drive on the Autobahn.  Drive through and explore European cities, towns and the country side from the comfort of your BMW. 

The European Delivery program offers several optional driving adventures that will allow you to experience the best of European hospitality in world-class hotels.  Select from the following outstanding itineraries, or you can customize your own itinerary. Ultimate luxury tour programs incorporate some of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Europe that are organized into three unique programs.  They range from five to six days in length:

  • Lakeside Luxury; Castles and Mozart; Spa, Sport and Drive.
  • Sampler Serenade - Tour programs designed for shorter stays of three to four days in duration.
  • The Black Forest & The Castle Road.
  • 'Build your own' - Custom-tailored itineraries to best fit your travel needs.

5. Return Home

Meet your BMW at your home.  At the conclusion of your trip, drop your car off at one of twelve sites located within the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria or Switzerland.

The cost of transportation, customs clearance and duty and marine insurance are all included in the purchase price of all vehicles sold through the European Delivery program.  Every vehicle departs from Bremerhaven, Germany and will take approximately 6-8 weeks to the East coast and 8-10 weeks to the West Coast from drop off date to arrive at your local BMW center for final delivery. Be aware that dropping your car at any other location than Germany will extend arrival time.  Remove all personal items and accessories (such as the first aid kit and hazard warning sign) upon drop off. These items are not covered by insurance since only the spare tire, jack, and tools are allowed to be shipped with the car. It is recommended that the exterior of your vehicle is cleaned before you initiate shipment to the U.S. The Department of Agriculture requires vehicles entering the U. S. to be clean so you may want to visit a car wash prior to dropping off your car, especially if you have traveled long distances in Europe.

Your Client Advisor will notify you of your vehicle's arrival in the United States.

Please note that all European Delivery vehicles must be cleared by U.S. Customs and the Department of Agriculture and are subject to Customs exams upon arrival into the U.S. U.S. Customs has the right to inspect all vehicles which are imported into the U.S. at their discretion. You should be aware that release of the vehicle may be delayed if it is selected for exam by U.S. Customs. BMWNA, as well as our contracted broker, monitor this activity daily and communicate with U.S. Customs where necessary in an effort to expedite exams and the release of the vehicles. BMWNA does not recommend that our customers contact U.S. Customs directly and making correspondence with the agency will not speed up the release of your vehicle.

Upon U.S. Customs clearance, your vehicle will be processed at our Vehicle Processing Center. Please keep in mind that if you noted any damage on the condition report and your vehicle requires repair, it may delay the re-delivery of your vehicle. BMW will make every effort to have your vehicle re-delivered within the time lines noted above.

If you requested more than 2 months (3, 4 or 5 months) of insurance, you are required to drop off your vehicle at any of the German drop off locations. European Customs regulations mandate that the exportation process must start in the country of vehicle delivery, in your case Germany.

All drop-off locations require 4 days advance notice to schedule a drop off appointment either by phone or email. Drop off locations are open Monday to Friday only. All locations are closed on Saturdays (with the exception in Munich) Sundays, German holidays and scheduled holidays. If you are planning to drop off outside of Germany, please check that country's tourist website for their specific holidays.

*Trans-Atlantic Joint venture partners = Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, United Airlines & Air Canada

Subject to change without notice. In order to qualify for this offer, you must purchase your BMW through the BMW European Delivery Program. The Promotion is valid from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.  All travel must be completed by January 7, 2016. Offer is not valid with any other promotion or discount. Taxes, fees, surcharges and passenger facility charges are the responsibility of the user and excluded from the discount.


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