A clean engine is a cool engine, and that's what most car owners want most. If you run a tight ship on your automobile, a good engine clean is a terrific way to fine-tune your car's appearance. 

Steps to Clean Engine

Prepare your materials. You'll need all-purpose cleaner, wipes, plastic bags (grocery bags work fine), water, and plastic or metal polisher. You can also use a de-greaser to get out the tougher dirt and grime. Oil and grease often sink in and are more difficult to remove. De-greaser works great in this situation.

1. Put plastic bags on surrounding components to protect them from the water. Your battery terminals often need to be disconnected before the water is applied.

2. Give your engine a good pre-rinse.

3. Wipe off with microfiber cloths or a washer mitt.

4. Rinse again.

5. You can finish your project off with some metal polisher on metal components and plastic cleaner on plastic components.

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