At Global Imports BMW, our clients love BMW vehicles. There's been a lot of excitement about the BMW 3 series, a luxury compact sedan that's been hyped up for its performance specs and drivability. We wanted to let everyone in Atlanta who's interested know about what this vehicle is capable of.

The 3 Series has three engines available, and each does something different. The power hitter of the lineup is the 3-liter TwinTower Turbo option, which offers up to 382 horsepower. There's also a hybrid model for the more efficiency-focused driver, but this option still packs a whopping 288 horsepower under its belt.

The 3 Series is quite a breeze to drive, and we think our customers will agree. It's an all-wheel drive vehicle, and engineers have focused on performance more than anything else. The 3 Series responds to the lightest touch. It's easy to steer and easy to adventure with.


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