BMW vs Mercedes-Benz vs Audi vs Lexus

Global BMW Offers Bonus Trade-In Deal

If you’re currently driving a Mercedes-Benz, Lexus or Audi, we’ve got quite a deal for you. To help get the word out about the superior value proposition offered by BMW, we will pay you $1,500 above trade-in value on these luxury makes. Why? Because we’re confident that once you test-drive a new BMW, you’ll never be satisfied with less.

The Innovation Leader

BMW is proud of its long history of innovation. Today, it continues to push the envelope by constantly adding innovative technologies to its lineup of vehicles. For example, BMW switched from naturally aspirated engines to its modern fleet of turbocharged motors, providing greater efficiency and more power. Another innovation was to introduce special sales training that emphasizes customer education rather than pushing a sale. This creates a better shopping experience and greater customer satisfaction.

Affordable Pricing

Take the BMW value challenge. Compare comparably equipped vehicles from BMW, Audi, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, and you’ll find that the BMW entry is almost always the most affordable. You can pocket the savings or use it to upgrade your BMW vehicle.

BMW offers the best combination of quality, safety, performance and value out of all the luxury car brands. Not only is BMW the ultimate driving machine, it’s the ultimate value proposition, especially when you take advantage of the $1,500-above-value trade-in deal at Global BMW. But hurry, this promotion is too good to last – come in today!