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Not all BMW owners were created equal, as each driver operates his or her vehicle in their own unique manner. The BMW Ultimate Protection Program was designed with this in mind. This inclusive plan runs the gamut, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road ahead of them without worrying about the vehicle getting them to their destination. 

BMW Extended Vehicle Protection
Receive incomparable protection on both new and used BMW vehicles. This package gives you full coverage on repairs which are performed at authorized facilities by the top of the line professionals. In addition, the extended plan comes with 24-hour Roadside Assistance in the unlikely even your vehicle breaks down.

CPO Wrap
Exclusive through BMW Financial Services, the Certified Pre-Owned Wrap adds an extra 12 months of coverage to the standard CPO plan. Thiscoverage also encompasses coverage for your vehicles audio and navigation systems. 

BMW Lease Protection 
We assure that the end of your lease will be the least of your worries! BMW's Lease Protection covers excess wear and use charges when you go to turn your vehicle in. There is no need to worry about the wear and tear during your temporary commitment, as all excessive charges will be waived, allowing you to enjoy your BMW driving experience to the fullest. 

BMW Guaranteed Auto Protection
A stolen or totaled vehicle should not be a problem the driver has to deal with. We guarantee you will have no out of pocket expenses in the result of one of the aforementioned events. 

BMW Tire & Wheel Protection
The road is an ever-changing landscape full of unpredictable perils for drivers and their vehicle. Our protection covers all the problems your tires and wheels may encounter while driving, from potholes to debris and everything in between.

BMW Presence Protection
There is no need to worry about the hazards that oppose your tires, wheels and paint job as you navigate the erratic nature of the road. Presence protection covers replacements, scratch repair and even up to $100 of towing costs.

BMW Presence Protection Plus
This package is furthered with supplementary protection for your vehicle, including windshield repair or replacement. One step up from the standard presence protection, this coverage will give you complete peace of mind on the road. 

Depending on your contract, extended protection with EasyCare covers all major mechanical or electrical components in your vehicle. With this plan you will be able to cruise in peace knowing your BMW is fully covered, allowing you to completely enjoy the ride. 

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