Elegance Meets Performance in the BMW 4 Series

The 4 Series is an excellent vehicle, ranked in the top 10 of luxury small cars. There are a number of different trims and styles to choose from, and most of the trims come with fine-tuned twin turbo engines that have a lot of horsepower output. However, they were also made to be more fuel efficient while still providing lots of pick up and go. Drivers have also stated that the 4 Series is a stylish vehicle far ahead of its competitors in terms of infotainment tech, comfort, reliability, and space. 

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The BMW 6 Series is Ready for Action

Want to check out the latest BMW 6 Series? It's one of the best luxury small cars to come out of the German engineering team. The latest engine are finely-tuned and feature more horsepower than previous models. You can get a ton of power in the standard engine just because of the turbo engineering, but there are also a variety of other engines in premium trims that go beyond the standard horsepower. For example, the Gran Turismo allows you to accelerate fast with a twin turbo engine and hatchback design. 

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What is Car Wax and How Does it Work?

Caring for your car is one of the most important aspects of owning a vehicle. You probably bring your car in for regular maintenance checks and oil changes, but are you washing it on a regular basis? Washing your car helps ensure it looks great, and part of the washing process should include wax.

Wax offers a layer of protection for your car. If you're concerned about your car's exposure to UV rays, air pollution, dirt, or grime, it's important to consider waxing your car when you wash it. 

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Is Your Car Pulling You in the Wrong Direction?

If you've ever felt your vehicle pull to one side of the road when you brake, then you might need an alignment. This is an important issue to fix, because a vehicle that isn't aligned can begin to have tires that are worn and can cause the wheels to sit at odd angles.

A vehicle that isn't properly aligned can impact your fuel mileage as the vehicle uses more power as it pulls to one side. The suspension of the vehicle can also suffer as the tires tend to pull to one side instead of staying in…

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Why Gaskets Are One of the Most Important Parts of Your Car

We think it's important that our customers are informed vehicle owners because it can minimize car repair costs. Often, when you catch a problem before it occurs, it's less expensive to fix. One of the most important parts of your car is its gaskets because they prevent fluids and gases from escaping.

Your car constantly has various fluids and gases circulating through it. It can be dangerous if the substances escape their containers or mix with the wrong substance. Gaskets prevent this from happening. 

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Reasons That Your Vehicle’s Engine is Overheating

If your engine is overheating, it needs to be inspected by a mechanic because it could cause damage to the cylinders, valves, bearings, and pistons, which could be expensive to repair. Read further to learn a few reasons your engine may be overheating.

If your engine’s coolant levels are too low, it could cause the engine to overheat. Low coolant levels are one of the most commonly seen causes of engine overheating. Coolant is going to decrease with time, but overheating could also be caused from a clogged radiator. 

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Signs of a Fuel Pump Issue

The fuel system of your car pumps the gas up into the engine so that you are able to start and drive your vehicle. Sometimes, a fuel pump will go bad right away and leave you stranded or stalled out in traffic. On other occasions, you will have prior warning of a fuel pump issue.

On some vehicles, there is a fuel system warning light that comes on when there is a problem. Take your vehicle in to the shop right away if this light comes on. When a fuel pump is going bad, it may make your vehicle surge…

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What Does the Car's Alternator Do?

The majority of drivers assume the battery in their vehicle is responsible for supplying power to the vehicle. However, this is why the alternator in the car is so vital for the electrical system to work flawlessly. The car battery instantly sends a jolt of power to the starter motor so the engine can crank over. Once the car engine is idling, then the alternator sends juice to things like the power windows, charging stations, and instrument cluster.

The car alternator operates like a typical generator, getting its power from a crank wheel that is spinning at high speed as…

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How to Jump-start Another Car

It’s a good idea to carry a set of jumper cables in the trunk of your vehicle for those moments when you or another needs assistance. They require some care to use them safely, but they’re otherwise very straightforward. One of the main concerns is recognizing which cables represent the positive and negative charge. Another precaution is taking care not to let them touch any other metal surface once you’ve started connecting them to the batteries.

The positive cable is either red or has a stripe. The negative cable is black. Begin by connecting the cables to…

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Does Your Ignition Need Work?

Are you seeing smoke when you try to start your car? Maybe your engine just won't turn over. These are indications there could be something wrong with your starter. Here are four signs that your ignition might need some attention.

  1. Grinding - A cringe-inducing grinding noise often results from a worn out starter.
  2. Smoke - A number of different problems with the starter, including an electrical short, can cause smoking. 
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